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February 1, 2006 Joe Gregorio You need to understand HTTP caching. I have mentioned repeatedly that you need to choose your HTTP methods carefully when building a web service, in part because you can get the performance benefits of caching with then you need to understand caching and how you can use it effectively to improve the performance of your service.

This article will not explain how to set up caching for your particular web server, nor will it cover the different kinds of caches.

This way subsequent requests don’t have to be loaded from the server, thus saving bandwidth. Looking into Firefox browser and how it sends request (using Inspect Element), you can see that request headers are the most important part of the request: This request corresponds with following CURL line: This will get a response from the server with status code 200 showing that the requested file was delivered: At this point, the file we requested is cached in the browser’s local cache.

Now when the next request comes in (reload page), the browser will be aware of a previously cached file.

My goal is to explain how the HTTP protocol actually works in this context (as opposed to just saying "do this" without explaining why) while at the same time avoiding "protocol geekery" that's irrelevant to the problem at hand.

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