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26-Jan-2018 18:13

In high school, I would often pick out a girl who seemed to be very introverted and try to get to know her better.

Like other guys, I assumed that shy girls were perfect to pursue and date.

She might be content letting you dominate communication, where to go and what to do, etc.

i've been hanging out with one recently and she seems to be really into it.. when going out try and do activities where you two have lots of physical contact (teach her pool/snooker, an instrument...) B. Two things are infinite: The universe and human stupidity... ~Albert Einstein S:185kg/405Lb D:225kg/495lb B:135kg/297lb OHP:100kg/220lb [email protected]/185lb BW The most sensual sex you will ever have... I learned to really enjoy foreplay with a shy girl.

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IT WOULD TAKE HER TIME TO GET USED TO YOU The average girl would easily warm up to you, but not the shy one.

They can be incredibly frustrating at times, especially for outgoing guys.

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